My Digital Diet

Last night I watched a NBC News clip about a mother who went on a digital diet. This concept of cutting back on how connected you are was totally attractive to me.
Check out the video here.
I admit that I spend more time than necessary on the Internet. I am always complaining that I do not have enough time to get everything done. In reality if I would put down my cell phone, step away from social media and focus on living life I would be much happier. So that brings me to the concept of a digital diet. This week, outside of work, my goal is to only spending 30 minutes a day online. That is about as much time as I need to do the things I need to do like check email, update this blog and spend about 5 minutes on pinterest.

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So who is with me? Digital diet anyone?

Keeping It Simple: Holiday Edition

It is amazing how much can happen in one year. In 2012 I have felt God’s blessings shower upon me. Last year the company I worked for shut down the week of Christmas and I felt like my world was ending. This year I got a new job, bought a new house, started my own business, and have learned what my priorities are in life.

Going into the Christmas season my goal is to “keep it simple” and stay focused on living a healthy life.

This time of year brings extra commitments and the stress level can very easily slip past the normal level. My strategy is to keep everything low key.

Instead of dealing with long lines and crowds at the malls I am doing all of my shopping online. On top of that, I have set a price limit for everyone I am shopping for. One price for everyone on my list. The hubby and I have even decided to forgo buying gifts for each other and instead spend an evening together out shopping for needy children in our community. Since this will be our first Christmas in the new house I am keeping decorations to a minimum and plan to add to my  decor collection after Christmas when I can get a better deal on things.

Christmas Decor 2012

To make sure I stay on track with my workout schedule I have signed up for a 5k at the end of the month and cant wait to run it. This 5k is sure to be unlike any other.

I am also not being shy about having to gracefully decline invitations to holiday events. It would be so easy to fill up every weekend with a commitment, but I know that will not serve my mental health well. You need down time on the weekends. Limit the holiday parties or events to one each weekend and don’t worry about it.

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For me, this time of year is about focusing on the important things.  It is not about buying the perfect gift, throwing the best party, or having the most elaborate decorations. This time of year my focus is on my friends and family and celebrating the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Staying Hydrated

I will admit I have very little tolerance for cold weather. It is ironic because the fall and winter seasons are my favorite. As a native Floridian who rarely experiences weather below 70 degrees, I find I have to work extra hard to adapt to the weather and keep on my healthy eats and fitness routine.

Last night hubby and I braved the crowds to check out the Under Armour Outlet and scored some great cold weather workout gear. Now I have no excuse to stop running outside.

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For me the number one thing I have to work on during the cold months is staying hydrated. Unlike the warm weather when I guzzle down water, I find that I am not drinking enough liquids this time of year. My skin has started to become dry and flakey because of the heaters and outside elements, so I need to make a real effort to drink more water. I find the best way to do this is to drink hot tea.

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I have switched from drinking coffee in the morning (which dehydrated me) to drinking chai tea. Then throughout the day I focus on drinking water and green tea. Just sweeten it with a little bit of Truvia and your good to go.

What about you? Do you find you drink less when it is cold out?

Happy and Stuffed

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After a day spent munching on delicious goodies I am so stuffed! I’m thankful that I was able to spend time with my family, even though it was just for a short while. Now the hubby and I are planning our black Friday shopping. I am not into the crowds so we are strategizing to get in, get what we need, and get out.

Are you planning on doing some shopping tomorrow?

Getting A Head Start

I decided to get a head start on decorating for Christmas. Going with a totally new look this year to match my new townhouse. It is so exciting to be spending our first Christmas in our new home. Stay tuned for more holiday decor details.

Everybody ready for turkey day tomorrow! I can’t wait!

Motivation Mondays: Balancing Work

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This quote perfectly sums up what I need to be focusing on. It is wonderful to have a fulfilling professional life, but it is also important to take the time to enjoy your personal life. Remember to leave work at work. This is something that I am always working on because I come home to another job. Being president of my own business, Reed Communications Inc., means that I am often working late into the evenings. If I am not careful I would spend all my time working on my professional life and career growth.

For someone pretty young I have experienced more than my fair share of family tragedy. In the last 5 years I have lost both my grandmothers, a grandfather, great-grandmother, a great-aunt and uncle, and a cousin. In between the deaths have been countless days spent in hospitals and nursing homes. I have seen the toll that kind of experience does to a family. In my life NO job is as important as my personal life. My friends and my family are what make this life a life.

This week I am going to focus on detaching from my professional life at the end of each day. I will try to work only one hour in the evening on Reed Communications Inc. projects and I will take time to focus on the things that truly matter.

Finding Balanace: Keep Calm & Get Fit

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This is image is now taped to my bathroom mirror and my refrigerator door.It is taped there to remind me to stay on track.  Right now my life does not have  good balance. I feel like the first step towards finding balance is to get healthy and fit.

My schedule has been so crazy lately that I have been skipping workouts on most days. I thought skipping time at the gym would give me more time to do other things, but this has backfired. I am cranky and feel horrible. So first steps towards finding balance, get fit.

Whose with me?