I’ve Moved!

Hello my readers. Its been so long!I apologize for the long hiatus from writing. Life has been crazy and I have found that I am craving a change.

I wanted to share with you all that I have started a new blog. Its been wonderful getting to share with you on pearlsandpasta.com but its time for something new. From now on you will find weekly posts every Monday and Thursday on my new blog cottonandburlap.com. Please come on over and check it out. I would love to know what you think.

Changing Direction


I can’t believe over a year has passed since my last post. In that time so much has happened both god and bad. There was the whirlwind craziness of the holidays, a job change which I could not be happier about and sadly the loss of my beloved grandfather who meant so much to me.

During my break from blogging I decided to make a change related to this blog. As the title suggests I love fashion and I love food. Never have I focused solely on those two subjects. Up until now PearlsandPasta.com has always a collection of my thoughts and inner rumblings. You never knew what you would find on a daily visit. That changes today. Today I am giving the blog back to what it was originally intended to be. An outlet for me to share my love of cooking and fashion.

A daily visit to PearlsandPasta.com will reward you with a delicious recipe or fashion inspiration. My approach to both subjects is it is all about balance.

I was blessed to grow up in close proximity to my two very Southern grandmothers. Both have sadly passed away but they have left me with a love of cooking and their collection of precious recipes. Now here is the thing. I love Gram’s ooey gooey, diet busting macaroni and cheese and am happy to indulge in second helpings whenever it is served, but I don’t eat it every day. I do make my own version of gram’s recipe and it is just as cheesy, but way healthier…and NO I do not puree butter nut squash and try to pass it off as cheese sauce. Been there. Tried that. No one can convince me it is cheese sauce. In their memory I want to use this blog to share my grandmother’s diet busting and my waist forgiving recipes with you.

I also love fashion, both high and low end. I have a ridiculous amount of Kate Spade handbags and jewelry, but I’ve learned to pair them with inexpensive pieces to complete my look. I will never be one of those girls in name brands from head to toe.  You know what? When wearing the two together people always comment on much they love my bargain pieces! I love my designer things but I also love my bargains and my budget demands that I have a healthy appreciation of both. Fashion inspires me every day and I want to share that passion with you.

This blog will also document my fitness journey.  I was never athletic in high school or college instead I was a total book nerd. After college as a way to deal with my high stress job I took up running and discovered a passion for fitness and healthy living. Fast forward to the winter of 2011 and my love for running left me with severe illiotibial band syndrome. This injury caused me to take a year off from running and my fitness has never been the same since. I try to stay active but I have not been consistent. To get back on track I have signed up to compete in the 2015 Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. I am so not conditioned for the race so now is the time for me to get serious and back on track.

Now yes, before you comment, you will still find an inner rambling or two but having a direction for his blog will allow me to create better quality content for you, my readers. I thank each of you for sticking with me in my long absence and am excited for what the future has in store.

Goodbye scale, Hello apple pie!

I want to share something powerful with you. You ARE more than a number! I saw this Special K commercial this evening on TV and it really spoke  to me.

As I prepare for Thanksgiving my mind begins thinking about all the exercise I am going to need to do to make up for all the indulging I will do on Thanksgiving and the days leading up to Christmas, then I stop myself and think…

why do we do that to ourselves?

Why do we automatically start the self loathing here at this special season of year?

I am so tired of it. I want to eat that second slice of apple pie without thinking about how many miles I will need to run or how much green juice I will need to consume in order to be forgiven of my “second slice of pie sin”. I’ve decided I AM DONE WITH IT! Starting today I am putting away my scale and it will not see the light of day until January 2015.

Please understand me. I am not interested in being obese, and I am not saying that I will indulge at every opportunity this season brings my way, but I do want to enjoy my food and plan to do so consciously. I am putting away my scale this season because I believe it has become a crutch for me. Every day the first thing I do is step on that scale to see “what the damage” was from the day before. In doing that I rob myself of the joy of food. As I say time and time again it is all about balance. I will purposely focus us eating well this season so that when my aunt’s delicious Kahlua cake is served this Christmas I can indulge with zero guilt. My scale is disappearing for the season but I have noted my starting weight and plan to prove that you can get  through the holidays without  putting on excessive weight and without working out a ton every day.

So who is with me? Use the hashtags #healthyholiday and #healthyholidayindulgence to document your food this holiday season.

Goodbye scale, hello apple pie!!!

My Goal For September

My goal for the month of September is to let the Lord direct my path. Too often I find myself planning out every detail of my life. Inevitably this leads to disappointment because my perfectionism makes me feel like a failure when things do not happen as I planned.

For the next month I am going to make ever effort to NOT plan.

I need to take a step back and recognize that I am not the captain of my life. God is.

I realize that when I attempt to take control of the direction my life will take I am setting myself up for failure. I am not the captain who is controlling the ship. I am the first mate whose role requires that she follow her captain wherever he may lead. This is the truth I will focus on for the next thirty days.

Teach me to do your will,
for you are my God;
may your gracious Spirit
lead me forward on a firm footing.

Psalms 143:10 NLT